Friday, July 10, 2009

because He loves us.

Buried feelings are no good. Sometimes when we are hurt about something, we bury it deep inside ourselves, forcing ourselves to forget the thing that caused us pain. Sooner or later we forget all together where the pain came from. This is all no good because when you push it away it manifests itself deep inside you to the point where it can literally make you sick. I once heard someone say that there is no pain too great, no wound too wide, and no cut too deep that perfect love and truth can't heal. This simple fact can change the way you see everything. God's perfect love and truth can literally reach inside of you and calm the storm that is raging in your heart. Our Father's perfect love can save you from yourself, can set you free from yourself. This is the greatest freedom I've ever known. 

I have to admit, it used to be hard for me to accept God for who He truly is. I couldn't understand this great being who could love me so much, even when i had a hard time loving myself. I had trouble seeing Him as this great Father figure who wanted a relationship with me, who took great delight in me, who wanted me to trust Him and not hesitate to ask him for things. I couldn't understand that someone would actually want to bestow blessings upon me. It was unlike anything I had ever experienced.

I had always heard about the love of God, about how it changes us. Someone can tell you they love you over and over again, but you can never really experience their love until you accept it. And that is the same with God. God's love will never change us if we don't accept it.

This is a really amazing video. I encourage everyone to watch it and experience God's true love for you.

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  1. Kendall that was beautiful.

    It is so true.

    Pastor Allen Jackson said how we view God has everything to do with how we respond to him.

    If someone doesn't view Him as the loving God He is, they might have trouble accepting love from Him.

    Which is sad because He loves us SO much and He LONGS to pour down His love upon us.

    I think if more people understood the love that is awaiting them, they wouldn't be so set on rebelling against it.